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The ZEXCHANGE Initiative

Stay tuned with our upcoming "Zexchange" initiative - a peer-to-peer clothing resale community based on shared interests and mutual trust among members of the Zestly family. 

The rationale is simple: as much as we are committed to fulfilling our mission of building a global community, we also fully share your concerns over the inevitably expensive costs and impact on our planet associated with international shipping.
Now, we've taken effective actions to susbtantially reduce wastes in our supply chains and inventory model thanks to AI-Empowered Smart Manufacturing. Moving forward, together, how can we further reduce the carbon footprint and minimize the eco-costs of our essential operations, while upholoding our commitment to global service delivery and customer care??
The answer is: YES, WE CAN. As a global movement, we strongly believe in the powers of both Innovation and Community -the Zexchange Initiative is our proposed solution.
Zexchange Share Your Passion + Make a Friend + Save our Planet;
  1. Through Zexchange, if you are a registered member of the Zestly Nation with a need to exchange a new/used item previously purchased from Zestly, you may now share this item in an online social group managed by our lovely staff;
  2. Other registered members who share an interest in this item (and likely live nearby) may connect with you for an opportunity to purchase the item from you at a discounted price with a shipping method you both agree to;
  3. Meanwhile, the Zestly team is happy to facilitate the matchup, provide additional authentication of the product (i.e. original purchase date, condition of the product) and offer any assistance when needed;
  4. Once the resale is completed, both members may earn well-deserved rewards (including cashbacks and massive coupons) for future purchase
For those of us who strive for a zero-waste and carbon-neutral future for all, the Zexchange Initiative is here to empower:
  • Extending the life-cycle of any Zestly products while reducing huge fabric waste coming from returns & exchanges of unwatned items (most of which are still in pretty good conditions!);
  • Significantly cutting down carbon footprints generated by cross-border return shipment to our centralized facilities;
  • Saving up heavy-a$$ international shipping fees on your end and help promoting a progressive thrifted lifestyle;
  • Ultimately, strenghthen the bonds between all members of the Zestly Nation in all corners of the world.
As we type these ideas in paragraphs here, our team is also busy typing codes on our laptops to make it happen! If you're excited about this proposal as much as we do, stay tuned and sign up to become the first-ever users (a.k.a Trailblazers) of the Zexchange Initiative!